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Also in 1989, a cover by Regina appeared on Chico Mendés' LP Lambada Tropical and on the compilation albums Max Mix 9 The experimental band Sun City Girls recorded a freak folk cover entitled "The Shining Path" on their 1990 LP, Torch of the Mystics.

The Turkish singer Cengiz Coşkuner song it with lyrics was written by Ülkü Aker.

It features the Brazilian child duo Chico & Roberta as love interests.

Roberta's father does not want her to hang out with Chico, but Loalwa mends the situation among the three. Albert for his film The Forbidden Dance after he saw Kaoma perform in a Los Angeles club.

Danish Eurodance group [email protected] released a cover version of the song in 2000. In 2010, the Reggaeton singer Don Omar recorded a Spanish version of the song titled "Taboo" included on his album Meet the Orphans.

Jennifer Lopez's single "On the Floor" samples Kaoma's Lambada. In 2011, the Mexican singer Anahí recorded a live version of the song as a bonus track for her tour MDWT Go Any Go, on Brazil and Mexico.

In France, where it topped the chart for 12 weeks and sold almost two million copies, the single was the number-one on the year-end list.

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The track became Salto's second Top 20 hit in the Dutch Top 40, and third entry in the chart, peaking at #12.It was released in November 2005 as the third single from the album.She also recorded the song on her second live album.The dance is also mentioned on season 1 episode 10 of The French Prince of Bel Air: Kiss My Butler (5 Nov.1990) when Geoffrey is accused of doing "..forbidden dance." In July 2009, a new Summer remixed version of the track by house and latin jazz DJ Gregor Salto called "Lambada 3000" (billed as Gregor Salto & Kaoma) was released in the Benelux.

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