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The only person who voted against was the gruff tall scientist and everyone despaired of him ever changing his mind. And so a Special Scientific and Military Advisory Committee was set up with a view to either persuading RK 576432 to change course and veer even further away from the earth, or to destroying it completely.At first the President was keenly in favour of total destruction.It was calculated that it would take some five days for the payload to reach its destination. ‘Erm, Patrick,’ she said, ‘if I don’t see you before tomorrow, then I just wanted to say…’ ‘Yeah,’ he replied. ‘It’s been nice knowing you, Patrick,’ she whispered to herself.These were five days of an eerie quiet when nothing after all could be said that had not been already said, but it was a period of uncertainty, tension and unease. And it was never discovered exactly why, but the nuclear warhead detonated a few seconds too late, thus pushing meteor RK 576432 off its course but closer to the earth and giving it a good ‘push’ forward as it did so, thus increasing its velocity. She walked back determinedly to her car, got in and drove home and immediately got on the phone.The larger particles were forgotten in the general celebration that followed the destruction of RK 576432. The priest lead the prayer vociferously but Minnie would have been surprised if they could have kept going all night. They did not reply verbally, but gave a slight smile. At this point Donald timidly raised a finger and asked if he might be excused after nine o’clock because he had rung round a few friends and they had all decided that the best thing to do would be to buy in numerous bottles of red wine and salted biscuits and bring out the cards and have a good session like they used to in their youth before families and gastric ulcers started to spoil everything.

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The morning of the launch came and went with a great deal of razzamatazz and interviews with the President and with his domesticated scientists.

Most of the scientific community said that this was a complete waste of time and money, because RK 576432 was never really going to get near the planet Earth anyway.

They said that this whole show (yes, that was the word they used) had been mounted simply in order to boost the failing ratings of a failing president who had hoped he could get in for a second term.

And so it did not matter to him a whole lot what the opinion of the scientific committee was, he was going to go ahead with the operation.

And he would record the vote of the Scientific Committee for democratic perusal in the months ahead. It was almost unanimously in favour of taking whatever action necessary to save the future of the earth.

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