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His prices beat out all other Jeep outfitters I had been tracking.

He's a solid guy, and I'm happy to have done business with him. He was great with walking me through all of my questions, and even saved me the trouble of financing by getting me a great rate himself.

I am recommending Wells Auto Sales to all my friends and family.

Let me start by saying that I'm really glad that I stumbled upon Mike Wells and the staff at Wells Automotive.

Choosing to purchase from Wells Auto was a "no-brainer" and we love our new Jeep! I was drawn by the looks, materials used and prices. I explain my plans thoroughly and expect perfection when I work with people.

Likely many of Wells customers found his web page the way I did by browsing lifted jeeps. Reading all of the clients reviews made me believe this was the place to make a deal. Mike Wells made this the easiest sight unseen big purchase I've ever made and most definitely will ever make. I have tremendous gratitude for the, immediate responses through email and phone, the great deal ease of sale and getting me a better loan rate when the first offer was high. To the staff for tricking out the 2016 Black Rubicon Hard Rock with upgrades like the 3 1/2" lift with 35" Grapplers that make this ride visibly stand out and physically outperform. I'm happy to say Mike Wells is the type of guy who meets those expectations.

His wife was also fantastic, as it only took maybe 10 minutes to finalize the paperwork and get the keys. The Jeep has gotten so much attention because of the custom work that the team has put together on these vehicles!

Truly a stand up business model to which all should be held against. Overall, the Jeep purchase didn't necessarily feel like so much of a "deal", but rather was a purchasing experience.

He also personally oversees every build and delivery to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction for his buyer.We decided to make a fun road-trip out of it, flew out to VA from IN and Mike had one of his staff stay after hours to meet us and complete the delivery- which took all of 15 minutes! Friendly, knowledgable, flexible, trustworthy, fast, responsive... Quality product, great customer service, awesome price! I have bought my share of cars (new and used) and I've never had such a pressure free and enjoyable experience.My brother/sister-in-law purchased their Jeep from Mike 2 years ago & they STRONGLY recommended working with him if/when we finally decided to get one! I'm really particular, let's get that out of the way.I know not everyone will have that opportunity so I wanted to let you know about my experience.I bought several vehicles on line so I know how skeptical one can be.

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