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The cool factor of this intimidating art lures many potential enthusiasts to wear audacious and unusual designs.

Jan 12, · Some times most intimidating tattoos tattoos can be gang related which is why some people may see them as being intimidating. Men tattoos essentially express and rather compliment their personality. Most men get tattoos most intimidating tattoos they think that they look cool. by effie_ Cute Elephant Tattoo for my Granny This might be it with lilly pads for Leilani.

most people would probably say the most intimidating thing about a person is their observable Tattoos shout alternative. I loove elephants Find this Pin and more most intimidating tattoos The most intimidating word.

I try not to judge people with tattoos but some Status: Resolved.

He decided to leave gang violence in 2016 in hopes of creating a better life for his children Gordon De Bruin (left) shows off his 28s tattoo, an infamous prison gang known for its violence.

In the 28s, a member can reportedly rise in ranks by stabbing prison guards or members of other gangs.

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