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Moreover, we had a consensus that smoking is done outside.Unfortunately, I smoke in the room I rent and the tenants (on the lease) want to expel me from the lodging.Know that Face à Face is also a listening centre and that we can take your phone call or an in-person visit at any point during our hours of operation.We are here to listen to you in times of need, struggle, or joy!https:// There are numerous storage sites across Montréal as well as off the Island.If you have a few cherished items that you would not want harm to come to, one suggestions is to lease a small space with Depotium mini-entrepot: They can offer you a small space for a month.WE ARE UNABLE TO REPLY TO YOU DIRECTLY THROUGH THIS FORM.If you do not give us your contact information, we will post the reply directly on our website.

However, if you do not already have this insurance in place, it will arouse suspicion on their end if you were to claim anything a month or so after opening and account.Is there a law that protects the safe storage of my goods (that I cannot “drag” with me on the street, like furniture, large musical instruments and televisions)? I always pay my share of the rent Dear Alex, This is undoubtedly a stressful situation you are facing.From your question I can see that you have already done some research and so are aware that if your name does not appear on the lease, then you indeed do not have any legal recourse as an ‘occupant’.Please do not hesitate to call us if we can help you out with anything else, and above all else, take very good care!Hello, I have some questions regarding the eviction of people as “occupant”.

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