Google webmaster site performance not updating

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In addition to that you can select a preferred domain name. Either one works, you just have to select which variation you prefer.

The reason for picking one is that people may link to both versions of your domain and by selecting one Google will combine the links, which will help your rankings.

Google generates these links automatically, but you can remove sitelinks you don’t want.

Through this section you can what sitelinks show up when someone searches for your website.

Sitelinks are links to a site’s interior pages displayed on a Google search results page.

Not all sites have sitelinks, but as you grow in popularity you’ll naturally get them.

Sometimes it can take a few hours before you see any data, but it’ll start rolling in.

The dashboard gives you a rough overview of everything from what keywords you are ranking for to how much traffic you are getting.

For example if my target customer for KISSmetrics lives in the United States, I would then tell GWT that my target audience lives in the United States.

GWT is a free toolset provided by Google that helps you first understand what’s going on with your website.

This way you make decisions based off of data instead of going in blindly. The first thing you need to do after you login to GWT (it’s free to sign up) is to add your website.

Or you can just let them pick the crawl setting for your website.

(this is typically the best option because if they crawl your website too often it can cause too much bot traffic going to your server and increase your hosting costs) Have you ever wondered how Google looks at your website? so naturally it won’t be able to look at a website in the same way you do.

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