Goggle dating south africa

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In his free time, he enjoys a wide range of activities, including cooking (Italian and Mexican, primarily), traveling, woodworking and just about anything else.

Luisella Mazza, Search Quality Senior Analyst, Dublin Luisella is a Search Quality Senior Analyst who joined Google in 2005 to support search quality efforts in the European languages.

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He then worked for 18 months on the Google Groups Discussions project before moving to Zürich, Switzerland 3 months ago to join the Emerging Markets team.

Having spent over a decade in colder climates, he is pleased to be back in sunny South Africa, together with his family.

Paa Kwesi Imbeah, Partner Solutions Organization, London Paa Kwesi helps to craft and implement technology solutions for large Google partnerships in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

She is also the Google Guide on the Italian webmaster help group.

Luisella has a degree in Foreign Languages (French, Spanish and Catalan) from the University of Bologna, Italy and a degree in Technology of Computing from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

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