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Comments: I work mostly with microsoft word 97 files, and can send corrected doc files back with colour hilighted corrections ie, your text in red my suggested text in blue. I try my best to maintain the AUTHORS' styles, even if I disagree with them. Not being creative myself, looking more to help those that are and not planning on giving advice.I work best with text written to be read by a reader with about a grade 11 to 12 education Credentials: The Jade force series, and The Reset Manifesto by Lazlo Zalezac, 9.08; Convergence by Misguided Child 8.77; Gateway - What Lies Beyond by The Blind Man,8.40; Winds of Change by The Scot, 8.30; Invasion By 2 Flags, 8.26 Prefers: Plot and character driven stories are what I like. I am reserving the "Te Nder Loin" name for "No Sex" and "Minimal Sex". If using other than US English spelling, let me know.Comments: For authors seeking constructive critiques of vocabulary, grammar, plot development, pacing and syntax, I am available.As editors have done for me, I would enjoy passing along all they taught me.Like, Woodmanone, Aubie56, SWmohermit, DGhear, Justplainbob, Howard Faxon, Curious2c,many others of that type Credentials: I have been teaching English as a second language for several years causing me to study English grammar.I have read widely and intensely since I was very young and can spot wrong words easily.

After graduation for a period of three years I was a lead-man of six technical editors.I can't spell well but I have a good vocabulary Credentials: I have an Associates Degree, 2 Bachelors Degree, a Masters Degree, and a Doctorates Degree.I taught for 6 1/2 years on a Bachelors Level with a 98% retention rating.I have a very good text editor as well as realizing that you must read each text to be edited. Stories should be written in two to three sentence paragraphs Credentials: Well I have a postgrad degree in education, psychology and sociology - I can spot when people act out of character.I also know the difference between breath and breathe, lie and lay, their, there and they're as well as gourmet and gourmand, an ass and an Comments: Fluent in German and English.

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