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The Gregorian calendar differs from the Julian only in that no century year is a leap year unless it is exactly divisible by 400 (, 1600, 2000).A further proposed refinement, the designation of years evenly divisible by 4,000 as common (not leap) years, will keep the Gregorian calendar accurate to within one day in 20,000 years.Dear Rabbi, I have been asked by a colleague at work what event marks the beginning of the Jewish calendar?I have always understood that we date our years from the Creation. Can you quote any sources I can use to back up my theory? We are now in the year 5759 from the creation of Adam.

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(c) Cross section of lintel beam e showing sequential The Long Count calendar is one of the defining features of Classic Maya civilization (AD 300–900, GMT correlation).

In no small part the acceptance of the GMT correlation is based on a radiocarbon study that was carried out in the 1950s using gas counting of β particles from .

The analytical error of these measurements and other uncertainties associated with this early radiocarbon study do not fully resolve the problem and support multiple correlations at the 95% confidence interval (Supplementary Fig. Here we report a series of high-resolution AMS C dates from one of these wooden lintels (Manilkara zapota; commonly chico zapota or sapodilla) at Tikal (Lintel 3, Temple I; Fig.

Correlation constants can vary up to 1000 years and remain controversial.

We report a series of high-resolution AMS C dates on a wooden lintel collected from the Classic Period city of Tikal bearing Maya calendar dates.

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