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They lump the financial crash a decade ago in the same category with the drug-fuelled parties shown in Martin Scorsese’s epic. We decided, along with , to ask around some investment bankers to get to the bottom of whether life as a banker is really anything like what we see in the movies.

We also interviewed Kevin Roose, who shadowed some young investment bankers just after the crash and wrote a book about the horrors of the lifestyle.

Multiple reports from our interviewees depicted a working environment which was pretty destructive of everything else in the lives of the young bankers’ lives.

Average working days seemed to be anywhere from 14 to 19 hours, and one interviewee even said Sunday all-nighters were pretty much a regular thing.

’Well it turns out, many of the people we spoke to agree with you.

Melissa said: I think it’s the most destructive part of our economy.

Kevin regaled us with stories of workers who have no time for anything in their lives other than a 100 hour work week, and for many it was completely and abjectly miserable.

He said: I have had weeks where I wake up, work out, then work for 15 hours straight. The industry tends to murder its young employees with work because they never stand up for themselves.

Then they kick the weak or stupid ones to the curb.

Suicide among investment bankers is surprisingly common, especially since the financial crash of 20.

Young bankers are especially prone to suicide – leading bank Goldman Sachs had to reduce their interns’ day to a measly 17 hours after a Bank of America intern was found dead in his shower after working for 72 hours straight.

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