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Dark Guilds have S-Class level Mages, but it is unknown if the Mages in question are called "S-Class Mages".

In the Grimoire Heart Guild they have a Deputy Commander, or second-in-command, of their guild.

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The Fairy Tail Guild was the only guild in the entire Edolas realm and was treated like a Dark Guild since Mage guilds are banned.

Though they comprised the smallest guild ever shown, with only six members, they had many Dark Guilds under them.

They made an attempt to seize Nirvana and use it to destroy the world, but they were defeated by the Allied Forces.

They all resembled pit crew workers since they carried tools and wore helmets.

A guild aligned to the Oración Seis that encountered Lyon, Sherry and Jura. Many members of that guild were seen wielding staffs.

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