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Commune Market is the place to discover fresh designs, new innovations, delicious gourmet food and passionate artisans as well as being a networking hub of entrepreneurs and talented new kids on the block.

Network with friends old and new, let the kiddies play in the kids' zone with face paint and games, enjoy gourmet food, freshly brewed craft beer and discover new designs and gifts for your family and friends.

On another hilltop, a group of men put up drywall in a new home, each man knowing they would also get help when they had saved up enough to build. Stretched out before him were the forested green hills of his father’s utopia.

At the old village center, the once-shuttered nursery and preschool now serve a handful of children with names like Shiloah. “Daniel passed, the kids went to school and college, and now there are lawyers and all. Whatever way God's Valley finds to keep going, he said, would be fine by him.

There are still the Sunday religious meetings and weekly "raps." Despite the complications, the sharing of land has even saved some who would otherwise have lost homes during the Great Recession.

There's still the secluded beauty of the valley that feels far from the world.

This month, Commune Market comes back to you at naked HUB's flagship.

In connection with your job search, you may be required to have your qualifications officially evaluated.While some friends and cousins wanted to go out and explore the world, she said, she found “it was lonely” and is now back raising a family, part of a small “baby boom.”“I think the younger generation is now taking it on,” said Kidwell, who said the close-knit community is a rarity.“I don’t know why more people don’t live like this.”On a recent afternoon, residents rolled up in trucks and four-wheelers to where dozens of residents grilled hot dogs at a community picnic, women holding babies and kids playing on a swing. Putting dreams and visions into practice, that’s always been difficult.”Camelot Wright drove his pickup over a creek and up a gravel and dirt road to the top of a hill.If not, he/she is allowed to work full-time for the period his/her residence permit is valid.Workindenmark can help your accompanying partner with the job search.

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