Chat cum to cum

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When on, selected story girls will be in their bras and panties instead of their normal clothes. Taking a picture of them with their clothes off ups the value of pictures, so it's an option that does actually affect gameplay.

Next, we'll finish off the next initiation phase of the DIO frat.

All right, Zanna is hanging out at the Greek Quad, near where the cheerleaders practice their routine. After that, you'll find yourself in an Evasion mini-game.

Beat that, and you'll find yourself at the Main Campus.

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A few new locations have opened up, but don't worry about them yet. (Note: If one of the affected girls is in the area when you activate Naughty Mode, she may not lose her clothes until you exit and then re-enter the area.) Go down the street toward the train to find the next Porn Fairy location, and another Vendmaster 2000 where you can get a Make Up Kit. Don't bother entering the Art Gallery yet, because we'll be there soon enough.

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