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This free event is being held in conjunction with the large format film, the film, captures one of the great archaeological events of the modern age, telling the story of ancient China, the First Emperor, and the literal foundation of the China we know today.

Through the lens of this groundbreaking discovery, we explore an ancient time when a fierce warrior brought together a warring nation and how an accidental discovery changed everything we know about China’s past.

The discovery of the Terracotta Warriors and the Tomb of the First Emperor offers a unique time capsule into the past, revealing many things about this great country, which is used to tell a larger story of the growth of China into a true superpower.

Aerosmith, led by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, has won every imaginable music award and has been rockin’ the music world for over 40 years now.Take a trip to China without leaving your own backyard…Experience the sights and sounds of the most celebrated traditional festival and holiday in China, the New Year or “Spring Festival” as it is also known.Performance dates kick off with the Saturday, January 20 show; followed by encore performances on Friday, February 9 and Friday March 30.Don’t miss this powerhouse salute to ’80s rock ‘n’ roll!

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